At last, an energy drink that doesn't taste like medicine!

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Absolutely NO taurine, artificial sweeteners,
flavours, colours or preservatives
  • Natural caffeine from coffee beans
  • Deliciously fruity but light flavour from natural berry fruit juices and natural flavouring
  • Light carbonation makes it crisp and refreshing
  • Enriched with (B and C) vitamins and guarana extract

The look says it all!

  • An original and powerfully distinctive brand colour, guaranteed to stand out on the shelf
  • Unique 250ml glass bottle shape, lovely to hold and not your average (drink fast) can
  • Convenient aluminium screw top lid to take with you on the go
  • Original and imaginative illustrations begging to be picked up and explored
  • Playful and creative yet adult brand
  • Clear, honest, no fuss messaging
  • Refreshing Energy. Naturally!